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REVIEW: Touch of Promise by Autumn Reed

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Mini Reviews of books 1 & 2


Touch of Regret

I’m a huge fan of Autumn Reed (see my gushing over The Stardust Series, which she wrote with Julia Clarke) and I’m pretty sure I downloaded this book the minute I found out it went live, lol. Of course, I slacked on the reviewing department, hence the mini reviews of books one and two now 😉

Touch of Regret is a unique book unlike just about anything I’ve read. I’ve read books with a “psychic” aspect before, but Ms. Reed takes that definition and turns it on its head. First off, Adele is an awesome heroine. She’s classy, soft, sweet, and compassionate–but she’s also headstrong and tough. Once she meets Jem and the guys, everything in her life changes and a whole new world–at once good and bad–is opened up to her.


Touch of Wrath

Picking up where the first book left off, Touch of Wrath delves more into The Collectors and what they’re willing to do to get Adele on their side. There’s also a new character introduced who works with The Collectors–something that keeps Adele from fully trusting him. There’s also a huge amount of tension brought on by Jameson’s vision regarding one of their own that could change everything. Adele and her friends have to attempt to be one step ahead against an enemy who seems to know their every move before they even make it.

Special highlight of this book: an incredibly romantic date with Noah where he takes her painting. Oh. Em. Gee. *girly squeal*

Full Review of Book 3


Touch of Promise

Whew. There was a lot in this book. I actually had to take a step back from it for a bit after I finished reading it just to process everything.

First off, the flirtation between Adele and Mason was so deliciously slow burn that I nearly burst with anticipation of the will they, won’t they. Particularly considering Adele works with/for Mason, the flirting was sky high and I loved every second of it. Mason was one of those characters who, while I definitely liked him right from the start, I wasn’t sure Adele or the other guys could trust him, which made me wary of him. Now, though, I understand his reasoning behind working for The Collectors and it made him much more likable in my eyes. He’s still not my first pick of who I would trust the most out of the group, but he’s certainly standing a little more on solid ground after this read.

Adele … poor Adele. She’s gone through so much in her life, especially the short amount of time since The Collectors have found her, and my heart ached for her something awful. Her strength is astounding, even in the midst of her weakness and humanity. I love how the author is able to show that she’s still human; she’s still grieving and struggling with how different her life is from just a few months ago, but somehow she still manages to have an inner strength that I find incomparably admirable in her situation. I like that she isn’t so strong that you wonder if she’s even human, but she’s also not curled up in the fetal position, crying her eyes out. She’s strong out of necessity and through the will to survive, which I think makes her relatable and much more likable.

The more books that come out in this series, the less I know who my favorite guy is. Jameson, who is always surly and hard to read–but super sexy and obviously totally in love with Adele, despite how awful he’s been to her before. Noah, the empath, who can’t be in large crowds because he gets too overwhelmed with feeling everyone’s emotions at once. He’s also quite the computer geek and is so sweet and sensitive (which, obviously, I suppose he would have to be if he’s an empath). Stowe, the giant, lovable teddy bear of the group who’s insecure about his abilities but is completely comfortable with loving Adele and showing just how much he adores her (squee!). Then, of course, Mason–the cocky, rich, uber attractive boss of Adele who definitely has feelings for her, but whom Adele isn’t sure she can fully trust.

touch of promise quote from Jameson

We also see Adele get to enjoy more of the physical aspect of her relationship with a couple of the guys. Whew. There was so much sexiness packed into those scenes, I felt like I needed to sit in front of an industrial sized fan! I’m not going to tell you which of the guys were the ones who took the relationship to the next level–you’ll have to read to find out!–but I will say that they were perfect and well worth the wait. I’m even more stoked to read the next book and see how the relationships progress!

There was a lot more involved with The Collectors in this one and I’m super apprehensive for Adele as she continues on this journey. There was also a huuuuge cliffhanger at the end, which for me at least made me even more excited for the next book, but the events leading up to it were definitely unsettling and I’m not sure how the group is going to deal with it. I guess I’ll find out when the next book is released!

Anyway, I highly recommend this series–especially if you’re into paranormal romance and don’t want to deal with the headache of having to choose which guy the heroine should be with. 😉


Happy reading!

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