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BLITZ | Twisted Bargain by Alexandria Bishop

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Title: Twisted Bargain
An Underworld Kings Series Standalone
Author: Alexandria Bishop
Genre: Small-Town Billionaire Romance
Release Date: November 17, 2021


I’ve been cleaning up after my father for most of my life. Between his drug and gambling addictions, it seems like whatever I do, we’re always drowning. Until he does the unforgivable.

Trading me to the tortured billionaire in our small town. His debts are erased and I have to do whatever Marco Blackstone demands. I should have run screaming when the first task he gave me was to clean the blood stains from his expensive five piece suit.

When I overhear a conversation I shouldn’t, our bargain becomes even more twisted when Marco fakes an engagement to save my life. And I become even more trapped in this world I never wanted any part of.

I don’t know who I can trust. But I’m running out of time when my fake engagement turns into anything but and I just might have to say “I Do,” for real.



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Marco moves toward me, going so quickly that I stumble backward, away from him. His jaw is clenched and I can see his face clearly now. “I told you from day one that nobody was forcing you to stay. You can walk away at any time.”

I laugh, hard. “Oh yeah, and how am I supposed to leave? I have no car, no money. I’m working to pay off a debt that isn’t mine and I’ll probably never be able to come out from under. So please, Marco, tell me how I am not a prisoner.” I roll my eyes and add, “I’m listening.”

Not to mention the hinted promise of killing my father and potentially me if I were to leave. Doesn’t sound like I have a choice at all… or maybe he just forgot about that little conversation we had.

He steps toward me, invading my space as my back hits the roughness of the plant branches. My halter top probably wasn’t the best idea and I’m sure to have scratches all over my back tomorrow. My temperature rises despite the chill from the pouring rain.

I don’t know what Marco Blackstone is doing to me, but at this moment, I don’t question it. I am at his mercy and I am one-hundred-percent okay with that.

Fuck. What is wrong with me?

He wraps his hand around my throat, squeezing just tight enough to hold me in place, not that I was planning on moving anyway. A current shoots through my body, straight to my core. I moan and his eyes go wide at first but then he smirks slightly, tightening his hold on me. Which only spurs me on even more.

We shouldn’t be doing this. There are a million different reasons why none of this is okay but I can’t even come up with one. I just want him. I have from the first moment I met him. Even when I was terrified of him, I wanted him.

Marco’s breath caresses my lips and I shudder at the closeness. If either one of us moves even a fraction of an inch closer our lips would be touching.

He pushes the strands of hair out of my face and runs the back of his cold hand against my cheek. I close my eyes and lean into his touch. I shiver at the contact and he leans down to whisper to me, “So naïve and so trusting. I could do whatever I wanted to you right now, take anything I want, and you’d let me.”


Born on a small southeastern island in Alaska and raised in southern Oregon, Alexandria Bishop is a PNW girl at heart. By day, she goes to battle with a tiny dictator aka her toddler and by night, she can be found typing ALL the words of her contemporary romance novels accompanied by a glass of wine or two 😉

When she’s not in mommy or author mode, she can be found drinking copious amounts of cold brew coffee, bingeing her latest obsession on Netflix, or attending concerts of her favorite pop-punk bands.

She loves hearing from her readers and you can find her on social media here:

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