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Wolf Hunted – Sadie Moss

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Ugh. Sadie Freaking Moss has done it again.

Alexis has been in and out of hospitals all her life, diagnosed with an incredibly rare and life-threatening disease. When four extremely attractive but dangerous men–who just so happen to be wolf shifters–barge into her life, guns drawn, and tell her that her entire life has been a lie, Alexis no longer knows what to think. Despite some resistance from one of the members of the pack, the five of them go on a journey together to find answers, hopefully rescue one of their own, and take down the Strand Corporation.

Whew. Let me just tell you, this book was a whirlwind. Ms. Moss has taken what I knew of shifters and completely changed it. This is such a unique twist on the reason why these people are wolf shifters in the first place, and I was one hundred percent drawn into the story. The part at the beginning where it’s just Alexis in the hospital is predictably a little slow, but I personally liked the way we get some of the back story and have that understanding of what it is exactly that she’s been going through all her life. And then there’s just the completely different take on shifters … Honestly, I don’t recall ever reading anything similar and it’s so clever and made the story even more interesting and compelling.

And of course, there are the guys … Usually, I have a favorite in RH books, but I can truthfully say that I could not choose between these four men. They’re each so sexy and bring something unique to the pack–they’re all different, yet they complement each other so well. Of course, because of who I am as a reader and how I’m always drawn to them, I was immediately drawn to the asshole of the pack … and I’m super psyched to see how his character develops in the next book.

In my opinion, this is Sadie’s best book so far and I can’t freaking wait for the next installment in this series! I highly, highly recommend this book for anyone who enjoys paranormal romance and doesn’t want their heroine to have to choose between the heroes 😉

Happy reading!

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