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REVIEW | Infamous by Lizzie Fox

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** This is a review for the book Infamous, part of the Infamous series, by Lizzie Fox. Even though this was before the author rebranded/retitled the story, everything on the inside is the same.

This book … wow. It was such a good read. Between the heart, the complete badassery that is Evan Michaels, and the steam, it was a great read.

Evan is a multi-faceted character with more depth than you might expect. She has been through a whole lot of crap in her life, dating all the way back to birth. I felt so bad for her once you learn of everything she had to face in her life. It’s a wonder she had turned out as well as she did. Honestly, I wasn’t sure I would like Evan a whole lot when I first started reading the book, but that opinion quickly changed. She’s outspoken and comes off a little brash; she’s also sexually confident and isn’t afraid to ask for what she wants. Beneath her hardened exterior, however, is an emotionally vulnerable woman desperately wanting to be loved for who she is.

Enter Jordan Nashton. Oh, Jordan. *swoon* This guy is just the epitome of perfect book boyfriend. He’s sweet, sexy, and so adorkably nerdy <3 I absolutely adored him. One of my favorite parts in this book was when he first met Evan in person. His mind was so blown, lol. I loved that he was a fan of hers before any type of romance began with them. There was also a nice realism–or at least what I assume is realistic, considering I’ve never been famous or around anyone famous–to Evan’s life in the spotlight and Jordan’s complete culture shock from the life he’s used to living. There’s also a pride issue where it starts to really grate on him that Evan is so much better off financially than he is. This was written exceptionally well; his emotions were believable and relatable–despite it being somewhat ridiculous in some ways.

Throughout this book, there’s not only a significant amount of steaminess–seriously, you might want to sit in front of a fan while you read this book!–there’s also a wonderful amount of growth from the two main characters, Evangeline (Evan) and Jordan (Nash). They go through quite a bit of shit together, and the more they go through, the deeper their bond grows. It’s clear they deeply love one another, and that love is a beautiful thing to witness. I loved the way this book ended, too; it was a bit of a cliffhanger, so it makes me that much more excited for the next book, but it also felt like Ms. Fox gave us a lovely ending to such a sweet chapter of their relationship. I feel content with this ending and I couldn’t be happier 🙂

In all, I greatly enjoyed this book 🙂

While this book focuses on an m/f relationship, the next books in the series will add more to the relationship as it progresses. I’m incredibly excited to see how the next books add to the relationships. <3

Happy reading!

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