Sunshine and Bullets – CoraLee June

This book is suitable for 18+ due to mature content.
Sunshine and Bullets – CoraLee June


It’s a nickname I haven’t heard since I lived on Woodbury Lane, where the houses were pretty but the secrets? Deadly. It was a pet name known only to the Bullets. Rough, violent, and ruthless, they laid claim to the town — and my heart.

I wasn't supposed to fall for a boy from the wrong side of the tracks—especially not four of them. But they were the only ones who understood that sometimes hell hides in plain sight.

I was the girl with all the conveniences a privileged upbringing could provide. The world only saw two loving parents and a pristine home life, but I knew the truth. And it was going to get me killed. So, I disappeared, from everyone and everything I’d ever known. I changed my name and my appearance, but the scars I carry, they’re still the same.

The Bullets are all grown up now, too — a crime boss, a pro fighter, a bounty hunter, and a federal agent. Life took them in different directions, but they once shared the bonds of a brotherhood forged under the harshest conditions. Together they were fearless. Brutal. Unstoppable.

I'm praying they can find that unity again. If I'm going to survive this, it'll take everything they have. Because that's the thing about running from the past.

Eventually, it catches up to you.

Sunshine and Bullets by CoraLee June
Series: The Bullets #1
Genres: Romance, Dark, New Adult, Reverse Harem
Pages: 297
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You know those books that get under your skin in such a way that you swear you can feel the words etching themselves on your soul? That’s how I feel after reading Sunshine and Bullets.

This was one of the most intense stories I’ve had the pleasure of reading. It was devastating and heartbreaking and sexy and so deliciously angsty, I couldn’t put it down.

Summer–AKA Sunshine–is inexplicably drawn to The Bullets; a group of three tight-knit guys who are from the wrong side of the tracks. Gavriel, Blaise, and Ryker all love her in their own way and do everything in their power to protect her while they’re together. Then there’s Callum–the sexy young cop who’s working for her dad. He’s five years older than her and the other guys and he vows he’ll wait for her.

Sunshine loves them all and can’t bring herself to choose just one of them. When something major happens that makes her feel like she has no other choice, she runs without a backward glance. Five years of radio silence later, they find her. But the men they are now? They’re so different from the boys she once knew. They’re harder, rougher, more damaged and broken. Without her, their bond has been frail at best, and when she reenters their lives, they’re terrified she’ll bolt again–even if some of them *cough*Ryker*cough* are too stubborn to show it.

Emotions run high and hormones run rampant among the five. Sunshine is honest in her desire for all four men, and while most are desperate to make the unconventional relationship work, Callum needs a little convincing. He’s always played by the rules and The Bullets do anything but. Gavriel is quick to take control of the situation, and–well, you’ll have to read to find out. 😉

Sunshine has been through hell and back in the five years she’s been away from her guys. To say her life has been rough is an understatement. Gavriel promises to protect her–for a price–and she has to learn to trust again after being alone for so long. The transition isn’t an easy one, and it takes her some time to finally feel as if she can open up and tell the guys the truth; the reason why she left them and never looked back. And let me tell you; it’s a pretty damn good reason. No matter how much you want to hate her for taking off without any explanation, you have to admit that as a young seventeen-year-old girl, she was scared and felt she had no choice. I can’t say I would have done any differently than she had.

While this is definitely a dark book, the characters are written so well. You can’t help but fall in love with each of them for different reasons. And Sunshine is written beautifully–she’s a perfect mixture of strength wrapped up in fragility. Her reactions and what I can only describe as PTSD symptoms were so honest and believable without being over-the-top.


If dark romance is your thing and you’re okay with multiple love interests, then you definitely need to check this book out! I’m going to be [not-so] patiently awaiting the next novel, on pins and needles to discover what happens next. Five stars for this baby.

Happy reading!

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