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Review | Under the Mistletoe by JC Valentine

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I know it’s no longer the holiday season–and that I’m way late in getting this review up–but part of why I love holiday romance is you can get a little piece of whichever holiday the theme is year-round.

And while I’m not a huge fan of the Christmas season, I love Christmas-themed books and movies. I don’t have to keep them secluded to Christmastime, I just love being submerged in that world. There’s something so magical about the holidays in fiction. Plus, it helps that I can enjoy the season without actually feeling the bitter cold 😉

The Heroine

Elle–whose name I love, by the way–is a self-assured, independent woman who I enjoyed getting to know through her narration. She’s a sweet, somewhat sassy, character who, once she sets her mind on something, knows exactly what she wants. Since this is a shorter read, there’s not a huge amount of character development, but I honestly didn’t really miss it because these characters were already established and it was nice to just get a peek inside their lives and relationships.

The Heroes

Niles, Dean, and Shane are all vastly different, but their personalities complement each other well. Niles was a quick favorite for me, but the other two do not fall far behind. Together, the attraction and chemistry they share with Elle is immediate and explosive. This is definitely a fast burn story, but there was something kind of wholesome and sweet about it that made me feel so warm and fuzzy while I was reading. I tend to gravitate toward the angstier and darker books, so this was a nice change of pace for me.

Also, there was something so sexy about this whole thing starting with Niles and Elle kissing under the mistletoe. Gosh, I just loved that! Though, I am definitely a hopeless romantic 😉

Happiness is fleeting, so you have to grab onto every bit of it when you can, because you never know when it may come around again. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve hit the jackpot in these three, and I’m going to milk it for all it’s worth.

Under the Mistletoe by JC Valentine, Chapter 15

Bullet Points

  • I look up into those eyes now, wondering how in the world I got myself into this mess. Then I remember it happened somewhere between the RumChata and Marisa‘s mixed cocktails that were more like fireballs tearing out the lining of my throat as they clawed their way down my esophagus. – Chapter One. Just wanted to point out the paragraph with my namesake 😉
  • I’ve been a big fan of JC Valentine‘s since I first read Knockout and I’m totally loving the way she’s delving into reverse harem! She’s a favorite of mine and her transition into writing RH is flawless.


This is a short read, so it’s perfect for curling up and reading in an afternoon when you want to escape in a sweet, sexy read with some lovely holiday themes 🙂

I highly recommend this book, and hell, any of Ms. Valentine’s work. She has a wide range and I’m sure whatever you’re looking for, you can find it with her somewhere <3

What’s your opinion on holiday romances? Are you like me and can’t get enough of them–no matter the holiday–or are they on your “meh” list?

Happy reading!

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