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REVIEW | Regrets, Presley by Autumn Reed

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As Country Music’s Sweetheart, I’m taking the world by storm…until my boyfriend exposes my deepest, darkest secret on national television.

Now, I’m disgraced. A liar. A fraud.

And I’m officially done.

In a desperate attempt to escape Nashville and everything about my life in the spotlight, I end up at a horse sanctuary in middle-of-nowhere Wyoming. It should be the perfect refuge, but I wasn’t counting on three tempting cowboys to complicate my life further.

Clayton is a big-hearted single father who insists he’s too old for me. Beckett is a fun-loving ladies’ man who never fails to make me smile. And Sawyer despises me on sight but keeps showing up to defend my honor.

I might be content hiding from the world, but there’s no hiding from my growing feelings for these men who have a talent for saving me. If only I could figure out how to protect them from the chaos that follows a celebrity, fallen from grace.


Despite being a contemporary, this book was nothing short of magical. I’m not the biggest fan of country music, but I have always admired the way country tells a story in a way no other genre does. And boy, did Autumn create a story here.

The Heroine

Presley is a beautiful soul. She’s a bit lost at the beginning of this book; her boyfriend just revealed her biggest secret, effectively sending the career she’s worked so hard for the last decade right down the tubes.

While she finds refuge at King Sanctuary, she learns and grows as a character, learning to trust and open up her heart again. She’s so much more than her “spoiled girl” facade and I loved her from the start. She’s so down-to-earth and sick of the high-profile lifestyle.

The Heroes

Clayton, Sawyer, and Beckett are super different but they complement each other so well.

Clayton is the oldest and there are definite “big brother” vibes here. You can tell he loves his brothers-in-law and they have a fantastic relationship.

Beckett is the fun-loving one of the group; the one who gets flack for being “immature” but he’s kind-hearted and sweet and always makes Presley laugh.

Sawyer is the stoic, difficult one. He and Presley butt heads immediately and I. Loved. It. Also, once he falls for Presley? Dang, it’s so good.

Bullet points

  • Montana is such a joy of a character. She’s fun and sweet, caring and empathetic. It’s hard not to love her!
  • The minor enemies-to-lovers trope was everything 😍
  • I’m totally shipping Montana with Scarlett’s brother when they’re older. Whether this becomes anything or not, I just have to admit that it’s my ship, lol.
  • I can’t freaking wait for Evie’s book!! I think she’s going to be an awesome character to read.


Please read this book. If you’re a fan of contemporary romance/reverse harem, you need to read this. I definitely recommend reading Scarlett XOXO first just because there are a few Easter eggs and cameos in this book that mean more when you’ve read it, but it’s not necessary to read to enjoy this book if you just can’t wait for Presley and her men 😉

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