Hot Love Inferno – Nicky Blue

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This book is suitable for 18+ due to mature content.
Hot Love Inferno – Nicky Blue

How twisted do you like your fairy tales?

A half-woman, half-cockroach fused in a bizarre gardening accident? That would be Mrs Jittery Twitch, dwelling in the shadows of our misdeeds. If in danger, you can call upon her help… all she asks is your soul as payment. But she’s just a legend, so no need to worry.

Barry Harris is a 28-year-old man, still living with his dear old mum in a little flat above a hairdresser. His obsession with Star Trek and the martial arts won’t help him when he’s forced out on a date.And nobody knows about the weird string of events that’s about to put everyone’s lives in danger. A trio of samurai warriors and the strangest offer of help lead Barry on a perilous mission to save the day.

(This book is the second in the Prophecy Allocation series but works fine as a standalone read.)

Why you should read this book:

It explains revolutionary insights into the nature of reality that debunk the myth of free will (probably).It proves the multiverse has only two parallel universes (depending on your criteria for what makes up proof).It contains 50% extra innuendo-based gags than Book One in the series. Some of them might be considered funny (again this is relative).The author achieved a heightened dynamic tension not found in other books. He was heavily constipated during its creation. There may be a link. The author is no way suggesting that this makes it better than every other book ever written.

Warning: The book is written in British English. All British slang terms are helpfully translated for the international reader, along with a short explanation of why British people are a little strange.

Hot Love Inferno by Nicky Blue
Genres: Comedy, Fantasy
Format: ARC, eBook, Review Copy
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Lol, okay. I’m not even sure how to go about reviewing this book. It was easily the craziest and most ridiculous story I’ve read, but I mean that in a good way because it was meant to be crazy and kind of ridiculous.

I struggled at first to get into this story. It centers around Barry Harris, a 28-year-old man who still lives with his mother. I’m not going to complain too much about this fact because the interaction between Barry and his mom is absolutely hysterical and was definitely worth reading, lol. Also, this book is written in British English, so there’s quite a bit of British slang. Most of them went over my head, but thankfully there are footnotes in each chapter by our narrator that helpfully explain anything that might be confusing.

Speaking of the footnotes… That little addition was my favorite part of the book. The narrator is an interesting–and somewhat surprising–character and everything they say is so funny, I was actually laughing out loud during some parts.

Now, as for the rest of the book, I wasn’t a fan of the samurai bit so much. I understood why the author went in this direction and I get that this book is purely for fun/somewhat satirical humor, but the whole murder spree by ancient samurai was just too much for me, lol.

In the end, I enjoyed the book, but it’s definitely not the type of story I would read regularly. It was a nice venture outside of my comfort zone, however 😉

If you’d like to check out a humorous apocalyptic story that’s unlike anything else I’ve read, then don’t miss this one!


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