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Dark Days: Semester 1 – Liz Meldon

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This is my first read by Liz Meldon, and I have to say, shame on me for that–because if any of her other books are like this one, then I would love them just as much. It’s no surprise that the paranormal genre is one of my absolute favorites, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed by this one (obviously).

Emma is a wolf shifter who left her pack to pursue her own passions and make her own path in life. Being the alpha’s heir and walking away from the responsibilities that come with that mean her relationship with her family has deteriorated to the point of being practically non-existent. Carving her own way in life comes in the form of working as a P.E. teacher at an international boarding school in Norway, where she has found a pseudo pack in her students and fellow teachers.

Calder is a mysterious vampire who has just become the newest history teacher in Emma’s school. There’s a long history of vampires and wolf shifters not getting along, and Emma and Calder are no exception. While Calder is running to escape his past, he’s also desperate for Emma to see that underneath the vampire smolder, he’s actually a pretty decent guy. He also happens to love his job as a teacher and he’s grown to care deeply for the kids he teaches.

While they’re sworn enemies, they’re inexplicably drawn to each other. After denying themselves for so long, they give in to their mutual attraction, but it isn’t a simple beginning to a loving relationship. Of course, while their bodies fit together perfectly, the personalities don’t always mesh, which brings about some epic arguments, hurt feelings, and misunderstandings. There are parts of this book where I honestly wanted to smack their heads together and get them to put aside their stubbornness and just recognize how much they cared about each other, but that’s part of what made this story so great. I loved the angst and fire between them.

 On top of the relationship, there also have been several reported disappearances, with new people going missing at an alarming rate. Both Emma and Calder are keeping their eyes open for anything they might find suspicious while being concerned about the humans they care about who can’t protect themselves as well as supernaturals. What’s causing the disappearances, and are they all related or just a strange coincidence?

I absolutely loved this book and I can’t wait to read the next one. I have high hopes that Emma and Calder will be able to set aside their differences and actually begin a legitimate relationship, and I’m also excited to see how the new challenges that are brought into the story toward the end are handled in the next book. This book does end on a cliffhanger, but it sets it up great for the next one, so I’m most definitely looking forward to seeing how everything is resolved.

I highly, highly recommend this book for any other fans of paranormal romance 🙂

Happy reading!

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