WWW Wednesday graphic with books
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WWW Wednesday | #4

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WWW Wednesday graphic with books

This was first started by A Daily Rhythm and then brought back by Taking on a World of Words.

The three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?
What did you just finish reading?
What will you read next?

what are you reading in cursive

From award-winning author Heather Hildenbrand and award-winning and USA Today bestseller Karpov Kinrade comes a page-turning paranormal reverse harem romance that pushes the boundaries of sanity and begs the question, what is real, and what is all in our mind?

Something wicked this way comes. I can feel it in my bones.

The voices are inside me, clawing at my consciousness. I see my face—her face—everywhere I look, and I know the truth.
The curse of my ancestors has come to pass. I have fallen victim to my own insanity.

After tragedy strikes, awakening the demon within, I am taken to an asylum for the sick of mind and soul. They say they want to heal me, but the voices say they lie.

A doctor too beautiful to be real almost has me believing I can be normal, and at first I cling to him as a life preserver in a storm.

But the haunted eyes and feral looks of the Woodland brothers give me doubts. They say I can’t be cured because I’m not crazy, I’m a witch. A night witch born under a new moon, and the only one who can save them all.

My soul hungers for the brothers, who are my stalwart guardians in this house of horrors.

And my heart yearns for the doctor, who offers the promise of a light in the darkness, even if that promise might be false.

My mind is playing tricks on me, and when patients start going missing, I begin to fear everyone, most of all myself.

In the bowels of an ancient French abbey, the screams can wake the dead.

Welcome to Le Reve Asylum. We’re all mad here, but some of us are also dangerous.

Mad Girl is a reverse harem why choose paranormal romance with potentially triggering themes of suicide and institutional abuse. For fans of sexy romance with mystery, werewolves, vampires, and witches, and readers who enjoy Tahereh Mafi’s Shatter Me series, Jaymin Eve, Kristy Cunning, Tate James, Alex Lidell, C.M. Stunich, Cece Rose.

Other books by Karpov Kinrade & Heather Hildenbrand:
The Winter Witch (a standalone novella)
Mad Girl: Locked Up
Mad Girl: Fights Back
Bad Witch


I’m also reading two ARCs <3

what was your last read in cursive

Welcome to Midnight Fae Academy.
Home of the Dark Arts.
And cruelly handsome fae.

A forbidden bite led to my capture and recruitment.
There are no flowers here.
No life.
Only death.

I’m an Earth Fae who doesn’t belong here.
They can play their little mind games all they want, but I’m going to find a way back to my elemental world. Even if it kills me.

Except Headmaster Zephyrus is one step ahead of my every move.
Prince Kolstov won’t stop cornering me.
And Shadow–the reason I’m in this damn mess to begin with–haunts my dreams.

My affinity for the earth is dying and being replaced by something more sinister. Something powerful. Something deadly.

The Midnight Fae believe this is my fate.
They claim that I was “recruited” for a purpose.
To battle a rising presence.
Or to die trying.

I don’t owe them a damn thing. But if I have to pass their trials to find my way home, then so be it. I survived a plague and far worse in the Elemental Fae realm. An ominous energy? Please. What a joke.

Give it your best shot.
I’m waiting.
And don’t you dare bite me.
Or I’ll make you regret it.

Author Note: This is a dark paranormal reverse harem romance, and despite Aflora’s opinions on the matter, there will definitely be biting. Shadow, aka Shade, guarantees it.

Goodreads | Amazon

what will you read next in cursive

Honestly, I’m not sure yet, lol. I’ve been reading I’ll Be Gone in the Dark by Michelle McNamara on and off for the last month or so–it’s super heavy, so I can’t read it as quickly as I can fiction–so I’ll still be reading that. I’ll also be continually reading ARCs and who knows what else 😉

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