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Overture – Skye Warren

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This book …

This is taboo, sexy, older man/younger woman at its finest. I was enthralled from the first page.

Samantha is a violin prodigy who was taken into Liam’s custody six years ago. Samantha’s slight crush on the ex-soldier steadily grows into feelings far deeper as she reaches adulthood, but Liam is determined to keep her at arm’s length. Not only does he feel it’s wrong to make a move on his ward, but he’s convinced he’s too old, too damaged, and too rough for the sweet and innocent Samantha. She just wants him to see her for who she is–a young woman coming into her own who just so happens to be very much in love with this stoic, stubborn, and entirely too-sexy-for-words man. There’s just as much burn as there is angst in this book; a slow burn, but a sizzling slow burn, nonetheless.

Samantha is surprisingly mature for her age. She’s an incredibly disciplined musician, an exceedingly loyal friend, and a prudent and intelligent student. She is quite the likable character, although she does come across as a bit of a goody-two-shoes. I have a feeling we’re going to see a bit more of her maturity and growth in the next book, especially considering she’s planning on going on this music tour when she’d never gone anywhere like this before. So, I can’t help but feel like Ms. Warren has something up her sleeve for this part of Samantha’s personal growth.

Liam is infuriatingly disciplined in all things. I actually found him quite frustrating, lol, but as we all know, I tend to prefer them that way 😛 He holds his emotions close–a bit too close, if you ask me–and he takes great pride in his self-control. He also happens to treat Samantha like a little kid quite often, and while that’s generally because he’s trying to keep himself in check, it’s incredibly frustrating. I get the impression, however, that we’ll be seeing a bit more of what he’s feeling in the next book, which I can’t wait to see <3

All in all, I definitely enjoyed this story. It was well-written with a nice storyline that actually had a little bit of mystery and suspense woven in. Liam definitely has secrets–and from what I can tell from the small amount shown here, they’re pretty big ones. There’s also going to be trouble in the next book from an outside source, I just have a feeling.

Anyway, I definitely recommend for romance fans who like a slight taboo edge to their story!

Happy reading!


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