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REVIEW: Pretty Lies – Blake Blessing

I’m a big fan of Blake Blessing’s writing (see my reviews for her previous works here, here, and here). While I will say I enjoyed her previous books a little more than this one, I still wasn’t disappointed in this story. Astrid is a little different from most heroines. She’s kind of shy, but she’s […]

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Finding Home – J.C. Valentine

When I first started reading this book, I wasn’t a big fan of Vivian. She was uppity and spoiled, and I wasn’t a big fan of her personality. Now, I love J.C.’s writing, so I read on nervously, hoping I would warm up to her heroine. Thankfully, I did. At first, Vivian’s character comes across as […]

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Time of Enchantment – Julia Clarke

If you’ve been following my reviews since I started writing them–or if you’ve stalked my posts at all–then you know that one of my ultimate favorite reverse harem series is The Stardust Series by Julia Clarke and Autumn Reed. That series was one of the first RHs I read and the characters just resonated so deeply […]

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