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Life Update/Where I’ve Been

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I feel like every recent update I’ve made has something to do with my mental health/challenges I’ve been facing. Unfortunately…that’s just my life right now. So, if you feel like reading another update regarding my most recent challenges, here it is. If not, check out the tl;dr down below or feel free to wait until I get back to reviewing and posting about books.

Saying goodbye

After a short bout with Alzheimer’s with the breaking of her hip being the catalyst, my grandmother–Granny, as we all called her–passed away on June 1st. She had been living with my aunt for several years after my papaw died, and I’m sure she was just ready to be reunited with him. They lived several states away, and my parents and I had already planned a trip to visit, but just a couple days before we were due to leave, she fell and broke her hip and her health rapidly declined.

Thankfully, we were able to spend some time with her, though she couldn’t really communicate with us. I’d like to believe she knew we were there, regardless.

Granny made it to her 88th birthday, and then two days later, she passed away surrounded by my aunt, uncle, parents, and me.

I was very blessed growing up to have the grandparents I did, no matter how little or often I was able to see them.

I’ve been grieving. While I’m thankful she’s no longer suffering and in a much better place, that doesn’t fully soothe the ache of knowing she’s no longer here. Any of you who’ve lost someone you love know exactly what I mean.

How am I doing?

The truth is, my mental health has tanked quite a bit over the last few years. I have good days and bad days. In fact, the good days outweigh the bad, but the last month or so has been challenging. I’ve had pretty much zero motivation for reviewing, and I’ve only recently gotten back into reading at all.

I also had two bouts with a couple nasty sicknesses this year, the most recent having been last week, but I’ve been slowly recovering. Most of you know I struggle with several chronic illnesses and any “small” illness tends to be multiplied by my immune system (yay /s), so my fatigue has been unreal. I’m getting better, though.

It’s been incredibly depressing how far behind I’ve been in reviews. I’m desperately trying to re-discover my motivation so I can get back in the swing of reviewing. I miss it.

When will I be back?

When my motivation shows up again, I guess? lol. I’ve been reading books in Kindle Unlimited to try to get back into the swing of reading before I get back to the review books I need to finish. I’m slowly getting back into reading, so I’m hoping I can finally get back to my reviews.

I’m terribly sorry for how bare my blog has been. I’m working on a couple blog posts that are actually book-related, but I can’t give a specific date for when they’ll be finished and ready to be published. Soon, hopefully.

Thank you

If you’ve stuck by me through all my challenges and just how unreliable I’ve been as far as reviewing has been, I sincerely thank you. To all the authors who’ve had every right to harass me for my review but haven’t, I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your patience. I’m so sorry for taking as long as I have and I promise I’ll get to your books as soon as I’m able to. Please don’t take my lack of a review as a reflection of your writing as that’s not the case at all. It has nothing to do with you/r book(s) and everything to do with me and my terrible mental health/lack of motivation.


I’m hoping to be coming back soon, and I appreciate each and every one of you for sticking with me through all of this. Keep an eye out for new content coming soon 🙂


My mental health has tanked after losing my papaw, my mom almost dying, losing my granny, and several physical health flare-ups and sicknesses. I’ve lost motivation for reading/reviewing but have slowly been getting into reading again and hope to start reviewing asap. My lack of motivation has nothing to do with the wonderful authors who’ve so kindly shared their hard work with me and everything to do with my own personal hang-ups. I hope to be back to reviewing very soon.

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