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REVIEW | Boys That Tease by Betti Rosewood

This book was … a little bit difficult for me, to be honest. While I won’t say that it was bad, I will say that I don’t fully understand all the hype surrounding it. Between a hero who spent more time being a jerk for some honestly terrible reasons, a heroine who was painfully naive, […]

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The Wasteland – K.A. Knight

I’m a fan of the dystopian/post-apocalyptic genres, so I was immediately intrigued by the blurb for this book. I’m not gonna lie, though; for the first third of this book, I didn’t particularly enjoy it. I honestly didn’t really like the heroine, nor did I feel like I could connect with her in any way. That’s […]

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Wolf Bound – Holly Hook

This was a quick, fun read. In some ways, it was your stereotypical teen drama (albeit with a paranormal twist) with unrequited crushes, mean girls, and your usual cattiness involved in high school. In other ways, it was an entertaining read that kept my interest. Cayden is dark and mysterious and instantly draws Brie’s–and everyone […]

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