FREE THIS WEEKEND ONLY: Infamous – Lizzie Fox

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If you need something to read this weekend, or you’ve been dying to read this book and haven’t had the chance yet, now is the perfect time to get it! Infamous by Lizzie Fox–AKA Sariah Skye–is FREE this weekend only!!

Read on for the blurb and where you can download <3


A breakup is never easy.
A breakup when you’re famous? The worst.
I’m Evan Michaels, and I’ve been a major recording artist for years. I have plenty of money, sell out tours, and won major awards for my music.

You’d think that my life would be pretty amazing, wouldn’t you?
Not so much.
It’s true that money can’t buy happiness because now I’m alone and no mansion, fancy cars, designer clothes, or cash can make that better.
I only have my playboy manager, Christian, and my silent, over-protective bodyguard, Isaiah by my side. Oh, and about three-million of my closest “friends” on social media who aren’t really friends, but a gorgeous man from Michigan named Jordan Nashton clearly is.
He’s a long-time follower of mine, and his words and messages of comfort offer me hope for love, friendship, and family for the first time in a long while.
When we meet sparks fly almost instantly despite the fact I make him nervous with my big mouth and big career. And, things might be perfect if not for Christian’s secrets and all the scandals that follow me around every corner I turn.
But, Jordan is a humble English teacher with simple needs, and nothing about my life is simple. How can he love me when no one else could?
Maybe it’s not possible for anyone to love someone like me who’s bruised, broken, and infamous.

Formerly entitled SINCERELY YOURS, Lots of Love series! Title, blurb, and cover has been re-branded but the story inside remains the same!

(Infamous is a steamy, fast-burn, SLOW-BUILD reverse harem which means one female main character, multiple lovers, and no choosing. EVER. Evan is very foul-mouthed and sex-positive so expect sexy times and lots of “f-bombs”. While book one is strictly MF encounters, the remainder of the series will contain MM and menage content. You have been warned.)

Possible trigger warning: Domestic violence is discussed, but not shown. See author’s note at the beginning of book or Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature for more information.


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