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After taking a poll on my Instagram story, it was unanimous that it would be appreciated if I make some posts of book lists featuring links for certain themes. So, without further ado … here’s a list of books in the romance genre with the Academy theme. Some are RH, some are bully, some paranormal, etc. I’ll try to mark the different genres, but keep in mind that I might not have them all in the “right” categories, so make sure you read descriptions and such first before purchasing 🙂 Some of these books are only available on pre-order right now, as well. Most are available on Kindle Unlimited.

I’ll be updating this post with more academy books as they come out (or as I find them), so make sure you come back periodically to check! Also, feel free to comment with any books you feel may belong in this category, but please remember that I may not add them right away due to other responsibilities <3

Please note: I will be making a separate post for high school/college romance. This post pertains to books that, to the best of my knowledge, specify an “academy.”

Another note: I use “paranormal” super loosely in this post. Some are paranormal, some are urban fantasy/fantasy, some are sci-fi, etc. I’ll eventually separate the categories, but right now this is what I have. Anyway, with all that said, lol, just double check the blurbs and genres when you click on them 🙂













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