InstaNatural Retinol Moisturizer FTW

For the last few months, I’ve been looking for a good moisturizer that will do the job without clogging my pores or feeling like it’s “weighing down” my skin. I was able to receive a complimentary bottle of InstaNatural’s Retinol Moisturizer in exchange for my review, and I was excited to try it out.
On first inspection, the design is very clean and modern, and it gives me a sense of a company who takes pride in their organic products. This is a biggie for me because I have very sensitive skin that doesn’t like the extra fragrances and “fake” things in a lot of moisturizers you’ll buy over the counter.
Next thing I notice is when you pump the product in your hand to use, you probably don’t need a full pump. The first time using it, I used a full pump and it was just a bit too much for me and left my face slightly greasy. The next time I used it I only used half of a pump and it was perfect. It gave my face moisture without the grease.
The specific instructions tell you to use it at night before bed, and I have noticed that my skin feels softer and more supple the next day, which is huge for me. I have fairly oily skin, but after I cleanse, it gets quite tight and dry, so sometimes I use a small amount on my freshly cleansed skin and it helps get rid of that “it’s just the botox” feeling.
All in all, I’m very happy with this product and I will be continuing to use it. I look forward to trying their other skincare products, as well!


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