Rock F*ck Club 3 – Michelle Mankin

I received an advanced/review copy of this book. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content and honesty of my review.

This book is suitable for 18+ due to mature content.
Rock F*ck Club 3 – Michelle Mankin

The Gods of Rock Tour.
4 summer concert venues. 10 famous rock stars to f*ck.
Two at a time. Maybe even three.
I know what I like and how to get it.
I’m Marsha West. Raven Winter’s best friend. A sidekick no longer, I’m in the starring role.
I’m going to f*ck whoever I want. However I want. Whenever I want. I have my reasons for being the way I am and doing the things I do. I’ve warned WMO they might have to stretch the rules to keep their TV-MA rating for me.
It’s Rock F*ck Club. Season Two.
What could go wrong?

Rock F*ck Club 3 by Michelle Mankin
Series: Rock F*ck Club #3
Genres: Romance, New Adult
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Whew, man.

This one was hard to read, I’m not gonna lie. If you think Raven’s book was angsty, it ain’t nothin’ compared to Marsha’s.

Also, my first impression of Marsha was way off and somewhat unfair. I’ll be honest with you; I didn’t much care for her character in the first book. I loved the friendship she and Raven shared, but other than that, I didn’t really care much for her. She was too reckless, too much of a party girl, and she hooked up with more guys than Raven did. I just didn’t care for her personality type. So when I realized this was her story, to say I felt a little apprehensive to read it is quite the understatement. Honestly, I kind of dreaded reading it, even while I was reading the first few chapters. Her personality just grated on me and I didn’t expect to feel anything else.

Hoo boy, was I in for a treat!

The turning point for me came when View Spoiler »

(For those who don’t want a spoiler: basically, she and Raven get into a fight that lasts for pretty much the entirety of the book. Marsha finds herself alone and without the solid presence of her best friend. She’s mourning Raven’s absence and attempting to deal with other issues that she hasn’t gotten over yet, and as a result, she makes a few bad choices and begins to question pretty much every decision she makes. I’m not describing this well, but hopefully, you get the idea.)

I was so unbelievably annoyed with Raven–something I never thought I would say–and felt terrible for Marsha. Here’s the thing–Marsha does screw up. She isn’t perfect by any means, but she’s also not 100% to blame for all of these mistakes either. And I’m not saying she didn’t deserve a little slap in the face to wake up and stop drowning her sorrows in alcohol, but I do think Raven did her a little dirty and should have at least attempted to communicate with her before deciding to practically write her off.

Anyway. Kudos to Michelle Mankin for bringing this couple together. I didn’t see Ivan and Marsha reuniting at all. Marsha seemed to hate him, and really, the feelings seemed mutual–until the whole truth starts coming out. Their beginning was heartbreaking. They were over before they could even begin, and then he started dating Marsha’s best friend. He knew their relationship was wrong, but he stayed because Raven was hurting after her brother’s death and he didn’t feel like it would be right to break up with her on top of that.

I was beyond shocked to discover the feelings Ivan had been harboring for Marsha. And even though she didn’t want to admit it, the feelings Marsha had for Ivan were nowhere near dormant. She’s inexplicably drawn to him, but she feels like she can’t make a move because of Raven and the RFC. She’s contractually obligated to have sex with ten rock stars and she knows Raven would be hurt if they were together. What is she supposed to do?

This doesn’t stop Ivan, however. He relentlessly pursues her all throughout the book. She’s bullheaded and doesn’t make it easy, but when they’re together, their relationship is so sensual and easygoing, it’s easy to root for this couple–despite their past together and his past with her best friend. It’s clear they love each other and it’s frustrating when you can see it but they’re just so hardheaded about putting labels on anything–especially Marsha.

Honestly? I liked this book better than the first one, and no one is more surprised about that admission than I am. I thought for sure I wouldn’t much care for Marsha, but the more I got to know her, the more I understand her personality and why she makes the choices she does. I empathized with her and felt a connection with her, despite never having gone through what she has.

I also loved the addition of Barbara. She’s such a cool person and I love the friendship she and Mars develop. I’m hoping we’re going to see some more of her in the future 🙂

OH, and how could I forget?! I’m dying for more interaction between Rocky and Sky. Their chemistry is just explosive and with her unique personality, I think they would make such an amazing couple. It’s clear they’re in love with each other; they’re just too damn stubborn to do anything about it. I’m crossing my fingers for those two!

In my opinion, this is the best book of the series so far and I’m excited for the next one to come out 🙂 If you end up reading these books, please let me know! I would love to hear what you think.

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Rock F*ck Club 2 – Michelle Mankin

I received an advanced/review copy of this book. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content and honesty of my review.

This book is suitable for 18+ due to mature content.
Rock F*ck Club 2 – Michelle Mankin

A Postseason One Novella 10 cities. 10 famous rock stars f*cked. Raven Winters has chosen the one rock star she wants to keep. She has completed filming for the Rock F*ck Club. Her season of the reality show is about to debut on the World Media Organization channel. Her once very private sex life is about to become public. Can her life ever return to normal? Does she want it to? And what about the next season of RFC? Who will be the next star? Who will be f*cking whom?

Rock F*ck Club 2 by Michelle Mankin
Series: Rock F*ck Club #2
Genres: Romance, New Adult

*happy sigh*

Lucky and Raven are one of my favorite book couples I’ve ever read about. If you recall my review for the first book, you’ll know that I struggled with the concept of this story.


Lucky made it all worth it for me. Again, if you read my review for the first book you’ll know I absolutely adore Lucky. He’s so dang sweet to Raven, albeit a bit overprotective.

The main issue I had in this novella was that Lucky completely took away Raven’s choice for continuing to accompany his band on the tour. It was a decision that should have been made between the couple, rather than just decided by one half. This is something he comes to terms with on his own, but in what I’m discovering is true Michelle Mankin fashion, there’s gotta be a little bit of that angst first. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the angst as long as I end up getting my happy ending, and I felt like this was a nice conclusion to the epic love of Raven and Lucky. <3

I’m so happy Michelle included this little epilogue story. In many ways, I preferred it to the first book–but of course, you can’t read this one without having read the first.

Anyway, I was quite pleased with the way this novella ended up. It also had a nice way of segueing into the next book, which I found clever. I definitely recommend 🙂


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Rock F*ck Club – Michelle Mankin

This book is suitable for 18+ due to mature content.

10 cities in two weeks 10 famous rockstars. On my knees. Against the wall. On my titsI don't care. As long as I get the evidence to prove it. Why? Because I caught my former prick of a boyfriend from Heavy Metal Enthusiasts doing a groupie doggie style backstage on the night we were supposed to be celebrating our 1 year anniversary.

He told me I was too uptight. Too vanilla. Too boring. So I got drunk with my bestie, Marsha West, the aspiring videographer. I ranted. I raved. I came up with a crazy idea. What I didn't know was that my best friend recorded me. Marsha put the video up on YouTube. It went viral with 10 million hits. Now I've got fans and sponsors offering me big bucks.

Rockstars are volunteering to be my f*ck buddy. Hollywood is calling. I get to choose which rockstars I want. The stakes are high. This sh*t just got real. What could go wrong?

Rock F*ck Club by Michelle Mankin
Series: Rock F*ck Club #1
Genres: Romance, New Adult

This is a book I’ve been seeing random posts about here and there in the romance community. I’ll be honest: while I’m a huge fan of rock star romance, I was extremely apprehensive about this book as I’m not super into the whole “having sex for sex’s sake” thing. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the steaminess, but if there’s no heart to it, I have a bit of a difficult time getting into the story. So the fact that the entire premise of this book was that she created the “Rock F*ck Club” for the sole purpose to f*ck rock stars and “take back control” by treating them the way they treat women … well, I wasn’t super impressed with that thought. So, while I’d been hearing pretty good things, I kept putting it off.

Well, I’d recently gotten the opportunity from the author to read the follow-up novella as well as an ARC for the sequel, so while the first book is available for free on Amazon right now, I decided I’d better pick it up and read it so I would be able to review the next two books to the best of my ability.

And let me just say … while I wouldn’t say I was blown away by this book (no pun intended), I am glad I finally got around to reading it. It was worth it, no matter how frustrated I felt while reading.

In my completely honest opinion, the heroine, Raven, made me a little crazy. There were moments I didn’t much care for her at all–especially when she was so obviously regretting her choices and just flat out refused to communicate with the guy she had fallen for to attempt to come up with another choice. I wanted to scream at her that she didn’t have to go through with it when she was having second thoughts, especially if she felt she was forced into it by circumstance (which she did). Raven has a lot of issues, and while a part of me understood where her fear was coming from, the other part of me was just plain irritated with her. There’s also a part where View Spoiler »

And then there’s our hero of the story … Lucky. Yes, that’s really his name. He’s a beautiful, sarcastic, sensitive, wise, talented musician who falls so hard for Raven that his feelings are nearly palpable while you’re reading. He never gives up on her, even when it seems like he has, and he knows just what to say to her to make her rethink her ideas and actions. I absolutely adored Lucky, and he’s honestly most of the reason why I stuck it out through reading sometimes. If she didn’t have a love interest like him, I don’t think I would have enjoyed the book much at all–that’s how essential his character was for me.

Anyway, the love story at the heart of this book is what makes it worth reading. I wasn’t a fan of the concept of the club, nor was I a big fan of the meaningless sex she had (even though there were definitely some memorable scenes!), but the love story? Ugh, yessss, give it to me (again, no pun intended).

My chest ached while reading as I hoped beyond all hope that they would get the happy ending that I felt they so deserved. There were several times when I just had to set the book aside and do something else for a while so I could give my poor heart a break from the angst-ridden literature. BUT, I was so satisfied with the ending. I honestly can’t remember the last time I read a standalone this full of angst that had an ending I was this happy with. It was so perfect and sweet and everything I could’ve hoped for these characters.

My rating falls somewhere around 3.5/4 stars, but I definitely recommend reading it and deciding for yourself how you liked it 🙂



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