Hematite Bracelet is the Real Deal

I have significant damage and pain in my wrists and hands. I almost always have a great amount of pain, to the point where my hands cramp and grow extremely fatigued, which also causes them to lose their gripping power. As an online college student, this is extraordinarily discouraging my difficult. I have tried physical therapy and hand braces, pain cream and medications, but it honestly greatly amazes me how quickly the pain feels like it becomes manageable when I wear this bracelet. I love that it looks nice and goes with everything, as well. It has a really nice design and feels nice against my skin. The one downside to this bracelet is that it’s a little tight on my wrist, so I wish it was a little bit looser. It’s okay for the most part, but the tightness does get to feeling just a little TOO tight, especially if I’m wearing it on my right wrist. So that’s a bit of a disappointment. It’s worth it, though 🙂   
I received this product in exchange for my unbiased and honest review. 

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